Top 5 Destinations For Workation In India

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You might be thinking “what a workation is?”. Well! In simple words, it is a working vacation. It means that you work as usual, not from the office but from some other vacation destination. It is a combination of leisure and productive time. You use your working hours while enjoying the vacations or we enjoy vacations during the working hours. 

Nowadays, most of the works are totally online-based due to the Coronavirus and we are free to work on our laptop or tablet anytime anywhere. Just good access to the internet is sufficient to perform the working operations. Hence, it has become easier to work from some vacation destination.

Following-up on the regular work-from-home routine has become monotonous. Now, it is the time to take a chill-pill because “Break Toh Banta Hai Boss!”.

Time-to-time, people find new and innovative ways to reduce the stress level that is caused due to work. Workation is one of those ways which will let you work peacefully and without stress.

Are you stressed these days because of the work pressure? Do you want to work peacefully and get rid of the stress? Are you looking for a workcation destination? Then your search ends here. In this article, we have mentioned Top 10 Destinations For Workation In India. Moreover, we have skimmed out various hotels or resorts where you can stay. All these hotels have excellent access to the internet.

Have a look!


Darjeeling is very famous for beautiful sites. This city in West Bengal is also known as the Queen of Hills. Surrounded by the Himalayas, this place has always stunned everyone with its natural beauty. This is a perfect destination for workation as it provides a soothing environment for the working operations. You can work on your laptop, gazing at the beauty of the mountains, sipping a hot cup of tea and feeling that cold breeze through your hair. 

Best Places To Stay:

  • Pankshari Retreat
  • The Elgin
  • Sinclairs Darjeeling

Best Time To Visit: In summer: from April to June

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Siliguri Junction/ Bagdogra Airport


Want to work surrounded by green hills and calm cold winds? Then, Dharamshala is the only place that you need for your workations. This popular hill town, enveloped by Himalayas and covered with snow is what we all need to escape from the day-to-day rush. This place creates an internal link between you and nature. 

Best Place To Stay:

  • Pride Surya Mountain Resort
  • Ghoomakad 
  • Aaroham

Best Time To Visit: September to December; Mid March to Mid July

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Pathankot Railway Station/ Kangra Airport


Bir is a location in Himachal Pradesh that provides a treacherous yet tranquil experience to the visitors. This city in the lap Himalayas is known for the thrilling activities that are being done here. People from all around the world visit this destination in order to quench their thirst for adventure and thrill. The natural views and Tibetan monasteries attract visitors. But above all, this place is considered to be one of the best paragliding sites in India.

If you are looking for some adventure and a refreshing environment for your work on vacation, tune in that case, visiting Bir is a must for you. 

Best Place To Stay: 

  • Workation X
  • The Bunker Bir
  • Astitva Camp
  • Hotel Paul’s Manor

Best Time To Visit: In Summers: April to June

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Baijnath Paprola Railway Station/ Gaggal Airport


Udaipur! A royal city of Rajasthan. This city bestows a rich and royal culture experience to the visitors. Architectural luxury and pleasing landscapes enhance the travelling experience. Having experience of a destination working in Udaipur is something that cannot be described through words. The iconic views of this destination will let you work in a vibrant environment with a lot of enthusiasm.

Best Place To Visit:

  • Magic Space.
  • FabHotel Pichola Haveli
  • Imperial Hotel 

Best Time To Visit: September to March

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Udaipur City Railway Station/ Udaipur Airport


If you adore beaches, then what can be more satisfying than working on a beach or visiting a beach just after finishing your work? Just think of the cool waves touching your feet while you work on your laptop and that moist breeze that touches not only your body but your soul as well. Sounds amazing right? If you are looking for a workplace that possesses these aspects, then, in that case, you might choose Goa as your workation destination. 

Best Place To Stay: 

  • Coworking Goa
  • Pina Colada
  • Villa Martini
  • Celeste

Best Time To Visit: November to February

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Thivim Railway Station/ Belgaum Airport


Masinagudi is an ethereal state surrounded by 3 southern states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This abode with the greenery and beautiful natural body is very famous for its relaxing and soul-satisfying environment. It is at a distance of one hour from Ooty. This place is a god’s grant for those who love to be enveloped by wildlife and dense green forests. Sitting calmly and working peacefully with full concentration is possible here. 

Best Place To Stay:

  • Safari Land Resort
  • Casa Deep Woods, Club Mahindra Resort
  • Jungle Retreat Resort

Best Time To Visit: March to June; September to October

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Mettupalayam Railway Station/ Coimbatore Airport


The city Coorg in Maharashtra is among the best hill spots in India. With the pleasant aroma of the coffee, this city delivers the authentic experience of working in the green valleys. Replace your regular working spot with uninterrupted coffee plantation scenes. This place helps in giving the pause to the usual busy life of a rushed city. Working here after being so much stressful, will rejuvenate the energy and enthusiasm to work effectively and efficiently.

Best Place To Stay:

  • Workation Amidst Coffee Plantation
  • Mountainside Workation 

Best Time To Visit: During Monsoon: June to September

Nearest Railway Station/ Airport: Subrahmanya Road Railway Station/ Mangalore Airport


Do you like Sunsets? Do you desire to watch a relaxing sunset while you work? Then in that case, Kasol will be the most suitable working destination for vacations. We all crave for a relaxed and diluted place where we can stay self-composedly after being restless in the pollution and population of the city. What about an appeasing bone-fire after finishing the work, sitting in the lap of nature, gazing at the unpolluted sky full of stars? Yes, it is possible! You just need to choose Kasol as your workation destination.

Best Place To  Stay:

  • Hotel Sandhya
  • Sun “N” Wind
  • The Hosteller Kasol

Best Time To Visit: In Summers: March to June

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Joginder Nagar Railway Station/ Buntar Airport


Do you want to take a break from your usual work-from-home routine? Do you want to have a mind-refreshing routine for a few days? Then the picturesque sights of the valleys of Matheran is all you need. The city of flora and fauna, Matheran, is a pollution-free destination. It separates your mind from the unwanted stresses and tensions and takes your soul to a calm tour. 

Best Places To Stay:

  • Gujarat Bhavan Hotel, Matheran
  • Adamo The Resort
  • Dune Barr House

Best Time To Visit: October to November

Nearest Railway Station/Airport: Karjat Junction/ Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.


Vizag, popularly known as Visakhapatnam, is a city that serves both attractive views along with all the facilities that you get in the cities. What about working for the whole week and spending the weekend in a beautiful valley? Yes! You can do this by staying in Vizag for workation and chilling at Araku Valley on weekends that are a few hours from Vizag. So, pack your bags and visit Vizag.

Best Place To Stay:

  • The Park Vizag
  • Palm Beach Hotel
  • The Gateway Hotel Beach Road

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Nearest Railway Station/ Airport:  Visakhapatnam Railway Station/ Rajahmundry Airport.

Destination List Is done, Internet access checked, hotels are ready to serve. What else are you waiting for? Just pack up your bags and make a move towards the natural scenes.

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