Top 10 Momos Spots In Delhi

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Momos! Being a Delhiite, you cannot resist having momos. Sometimes, we feel like momos are our National Dish.

You might have heard of a trending meme that shows the manner in which sophisticated girls buy momos, “bhaiya twenchy ke momos dena!”. Not only girls, but everyone is crazy about momos which are also known with different names in different places, such as dumplings, dimsums, etc.

People these days are trying out new cafes and stalls to find out the best momos taste. We have also searched for a few places that serve the best momos in Delhi. Let’s have a look at these Top 10 Momos Spots In Delhi.

Dolma Aunty, Central Market

Somewhere on the street of Central Market, Lajpat Nagar, there is a very famous momos stall called Dolma Aunty. Many years ago, this lady, Dolma, started a momos stall that became a remarkable food point all around the city. 

They serve three types of steam momos only, i.e., veg, paneer and chicken with hot and spicy chilli sauce that put your mouth on fire. The highlight of this stall is that they do not team up their sauce with mayo or any extra spices. Just a simple red chilli sauce with a touch of coriander leaves bangs on the taste buds.

Yeti, Multiple Outlets

Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen is an authentic Himalayan restaurant that serves an exotic range of the Himalayan cuisines. They serve the best momos in Delhi and in various varieties such as steam momos, pan-fried momos, etc. The spiciness of the pure red chilli sauce paired up with smooth mayo creates a flavourful blunder in mouth. The juicy chicken filling of the chicken pan fried/steam momos is just so tempting. If you are a vegetarian, you may choose the veg momos that are filled with chopped veggies mixed with various species. Yeti is a bit expensive but a worthy place to visit.

Delhi Haat, INA

Delhi Haat is mostly visited for shopping the handmade items of various cities. But there are a few food stalls as well that belong to different India states, and they serve the best authentic food. There is a Tibetan stall that serves momos of various types such as steam, fried, pan fried, etc. And the fillings they serve are veg, paneer, chicken, meat and pork.

The must-try item of this place is chicken steam momos that are served with spicy red chilli sauce and a bowl of veg soup. The juicy flavorful chicken momo just melts in your mouth. That kick of spicy satisfaction satisfies your soul if you are a die-hard momo lover. You can choose from other varieties as well. 

Giri Momos, Pitampura

Just beside the gate no. 1 of Pitampura Metro station, there is a well-known momos point named Giri Momos. It serves a massive variety of momos such as steam, fried, pan fried, tandoori, afghani, gravy, kurkure and the list goes on. Moreover, there are more than 10 types of fillings that they use in their momos. They serve momos with a red spicy hot chilli sauce teamed up with mayo and a pinch of extra species on the top of momos. All these things are more than enough to make your mouth watered.

Lha Kitchen, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave

There is an array of cutesy cafes and Tibetan food restaurants in Humanyunpur, Safdarjung Enclave. Most of them serve absolutely yummy and authentic Tibetan, Himalayan and Nepalese delicacies. Among them, Lha Kitchen is quite a popular one and server utterly juicy momos. The outside flour covering of their momos is very thin and the flavoursome juicy chicken filling tates heaven. They serve it with three types of chilli sauce. Your experience of having momos in Delhi is incomplete without having momos from Lha Kitchen.

Chalte-Firte, Kamla Nagar

In the streets of Kamla Nagar, there exists a very popular momos point Chalte-Firte. They also serve a wide range of momos. There are uncountable varieties of momos on their menu. From steamed to tandoori, from fried to pan-fried, they serve all types of momos. Most famous momos of this point are afghani chicken momos. The creamy texture soothes all your taste buds and satisfies your soul. If you are visiting Kamla Nagar market, do not forget to have a delightful plate of momos. 

Wong’ Kitchen, Rohini Sector-9

Here, at wong’s kitchen, you will find a wide variety of momos just like other momos spots but with a slight twist. They keep experimenting with the tastes and texture of the dishes. The most prominent styles of momos that they serve are Pizza style momos and Shahi paneer momos. People are going crazy over their special pizza style momos. They visit this place to satisfy their cravings from all around Delhi. This spot is pocket-friendly and provides a good quality of food. If you are looking for a place where you can have other items as well along with momos, you should go and try it out.

Lodhi Knights, Lodhi Colony

Going crazy about momos is another thing, and falling in love with them is another case. This momos spot in Lodhi Colony is opened specially for all the momos lovers. Besides normal steam momos, they serve a large variety of momos. Have you ever heard of Momo Biryani? This place serves a biryani in which instead of chicken or mutton pieces, there are momos (chicken/veg/paneer). Sounds exciting, right? This place is a must visiting place for the ones who love biryani as much as they love momos.

Cafe Brown Sugar, Greater Kailash (GK1)

Brown Sugar Cafe is the most famous hub for momos maniacs for many years. This place is a heaven for momos lovers. They serve a good range of momos that can make anyone go crazy. Not just momos, they have a lot more than that. The pairing up of whole wheat momos with the spicy red hot sauce tempts every momo lover.

Wow Momos, Multiple Outlets

With a huge number of outlets, Wow Momos has become the king of momos spots. They serve the best quality of momos. The team up spicy red chutney with minty green sauce is a deadly combo. From veg to non-veg, each type of momo has its own different texture, shape and flavour. Wow Momos Outlets are spread all around India. Hence, now, not only the Delhiites but other people can also have the authentic and real taste of momos anywhere.

We have provided you with the best of the momos spots in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and try all types of momos and go momomia!

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