Laka Glacier Trek

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Laka Glacier Trek is a spectacular trek in Himachal Pradesh is sure to make your trip unforgettable. It is a simple and less arduous trek, which makes it adventurer friendly. The splendid view of Kangra valley and snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges add to the thrilling experience for trekkers.

The trek is present at an altitude of 9500 feet from the sea level. It is sure to amaze you and get into a hypnotic trance for sure. McLeodganj, the most tranquil place, is situated near Chandigarh and Delhi. From Delhi, it takes 10 hours by road to reach Mcleodganj.

You can take the bus route. As you reach the starting point at Triund, your steep walk of 7 to 9 km will present you with a mesmerizing and picturesque view of the valley.

The experience is pretty fascinating. After your trip, you can come back to Triund for a bonfire and chilling. The alluring sunrise will make you feel like you can touch the clouds, thus will make your trip memorable.


You can start the trek from Mcleodganj for your first day, presenting you with an excellent view of snow-capped nature and magnificent vantage points of the Himalayas.

The journey is into three phases. Phase one consists of 8 km trekking to Triund.

It can take up to 4 to 5 hrs to start your trek to Triund top. Phase two consists of 6 km of trekking to Laka Glacier. Whereas phase three consists of trekking back to McLeodganj, which is a 14 km trek. After a bellyful of breakfast, one can start the Laka Glacier trek in the morning.

Lahesh Caves trail is a bonus point of the trek. One must not miss adoring its beauty.

This trek is perfect for a long weekend trip. It is the most famous and dazzling trek one can do in a short period. Meanwhile, in July, the glacier begins to melt, leaving it snowless at the time of monsoons.

One can witness moraines only after this period. So march to June is the suitable period to trek Laka Glacier as it presents you with an abundance of snow at this time.

This three days trek starts from Bhagsu Nag, there on your steep climb to Triund will start. Amidst your journey, you get to witness ornamental shrubs as Rhododendron. Many of them.

Also, the vegetation consists of sky scaling Oak trees and Deodar trees.

Passing all these, you will finally arrive at an expansive and highly elevated meadow known as Triund Top. From the wonderfully scenic Triund top you can take a glance at the splendour view of Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra valley.

Required Essentials For The Laka Glacier Trek.

  • Water bottle (though the trek is semi arduous, trekking those heights can fill you up with insatiable thirst)
  • A guide and cook would be better
  • Lunch, snacks, breakfasts, and dinner
  • Tents with sleeping bags (for your night stay)

What Is It Famous For?

  • The splendid magnificence of the snow-clad Himalayas is worth your trip that will fill you up with the enthusiastic vibes
  • These utterly breathtaking sights provided by Kangra district is a dreamlike phenomenon

Tips And Advice For Laka Glacier Trek

  • This trek is not for seven years old children or below
  • Make sure to keep yourself warm all the time (heavy thick clothes and blankets are a must)
  • Be aware of the heavy rainfall at Triund high altitude as it gets uncontrollable at times
  • Overnight stay can prove hazardous here
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Be in contact with your operator to avoid any inconvenience

This divinely magical destination will nourish your soul with that verdant vegetation. The serene snow-filled ecosystem will leave you amazed and craving for more of it later in life. So give it a try. It is the best food for your psyche indeed.

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