Ideas To Drape Your Saree In 8 Stylish Ways For This Wedding Season

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Saree has been a traditional outfit for decades. In India, wearing a Saree is not just a Fashion Trend, but it is considered to be a very significant part of Indian Culture. For so many years, women were obliged to wear sarees in order to follow the rituals and customs.

But today! We are in a world where no one is obliged to wear anything particular. Even sarees have become a very prominent part of wedding dresses not only in India but all around the world. A kick of power styling has been added to the traditional saree draping style.

Get ready for the upcoming wedding season with these voguish saree draping styles. Let’s everyone go gaga with these unique Saree Avatars. Sounds good! Right? So let’s have a look at these stunning Saree Draping Ideas.

Belt Style

Drape your saree the usual way you do it and then add a belt to it at your waist. For a more traditional look, you can go for a kamarband instead of a belt. If you want a voguish look or a trendy one, choose a sleek belt that matches the colour of your saree. Most preferable colour for the belt will be black or golden. These ones are the basic colours. With this type of draping style, you can opt for an off-shoulder blouse or a full sleeve blouse will add stars to your avatar. You are advised to keep the look as simple and elegant as you can. Go for some basic accessories like ear tops, rings and a wrist watch.

Tada! You are ready to stun everyone.

Dhoti style

You need to try this dhoti draping style the next time you will go to a wedding. This is a very unique style yet so trendy. You can choose any type of a saree that you want and instead of putting pleats to it, drape it like a dhoti. Once you drape it, keep the pallu in the same direction as the normal style saree. To make it look more worthy, you can team it up with a sleeveless or boat necked blouse. Choose graceful accessories such as a top-notched necklace and pairing ear tops. You can have a bold and intense eye makeup look.

And here you are ready to rock!

Neck Drape Style

This is an effortless style which will make you look ultra-modern. You are just required to drape the saree in the usual way that you do in regular times. Do not pin up the pallu at the shoulder. Instead, swirl it around your neck. This is the most comfortable yet so stylish way of draping a saree. It will absolutely come up with stunning results when you pair it up with a full or bell sleeves blouse. You can carry cut diamond or American diamond long earrings with this outfit and pair of pointed heels.

Try it and leave everyone spellbound!

Mumtaz style

Saree has been in trend for so many years. Our older Indian dresses also tried to wear Sarees in many ways. Our beloved, Bollywood star Mumtaz Madhvani, set a fashion mark for everyone. The draping styles that she used in the film Ram Aur Shyam has been in trend for so many years. You can also go for this look if you are looking for an Evergreen Retro look. Pair it up with a sleeveless blouse and beautiful earrings of your choice. In addition to this, you can carry a retro-style hair bun.

Oh la la! You will stun the floor.

Pant Style

This style of draping a saree comes under the power styling as it combines both the western and traditional look. This outfit is in trend nowadays. You can team up your saree with a pant of your choice. Instead of using a petticoat, put the pleats into the waist area of pants. And further, drape the pallu in the usual manner. Moreover, you can add a belt to make it look more gorgeous. Carry pointed pencil heels to add shining stars to your outfit. Try not to go for heavy accessories.

Voila! Everyone is going to be crazy for your look.

Lehenga Style

Why buy an expensive Lehenga when you can drape a saree just like a lehenga? Choose a silk saree or any other saree of your choice. Start putting pleats all around your waist. Do not collect all the pleats at one place, finely spread them out. And then bring the pallu from the backside to your front side. Make pleats on the pallu and pin it up on your shoulder. You can make it look prettier by adding a golden belt to it or a belt of any other colour of your choice. Give a final touch to your outfit by teaming it up with pointed high heels and elegant accessories such as earrings and maang tikka.

You are ready to put the floor on fire! 

All these Stylish Saree Draping Styles will make you look more fashionable. Try them for the upcoming wedding season. Moreover, if you are a Delhiite and want to add on stars to your avatar you can check out Designer studios in Chandni Chowk for a wide variety of designer Sarees. So, what are you waiting for? Don your look by grabbing the best trendy Saree for you.

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