Fearless and United- Guards (FAU-G)

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What is FAU-G?

FAU-G is an online multiplayer action game that is about to be released especially in India. It is going through the process of creation by nCore Games which is headquartered at Bengaluru. The game has been promoted on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and nCore Games entrepreneur Vishal Gondal. This game is being constructed under the movement initiated by PM Narender Modi. The whole game is an Indian Product as it is initiated, created and promoted in the boundaries of India.

We all are aware of the fact that how much Akshay Kumar promotes our Indian Army. We have seen him in many shows talking about the efforts and courage of Indian Soldiers. Most of his movies are based on the life journeys of a soldier. Even once in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, he dedicated one whole episode to the fearlessness of Indian Army. 

Moreover, 20% of the net profit will go to “Bharat Ke Veer” trust for the welfare of all Indian Battle Forces.

When will FAU-G Release In India?

The Online Action Game, Fearless and United- Guards (FAU-G), came into the work progress from the last few months. The founder of nCore games, Vishal Gondal, has declared that the game was initiated in the months of May- June 2020. The nCore gaming team is working actively on FAU-G. Moreover, this game is expected to be released most probably in the last week of October 2020.

How Is FAU-G Better Than PUB-G?

Recently, Indian Govt. has banned the battle royale game “PUB-G” (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) on 2nd September 2020. With a view to take advantage of this scenario, many game developers have started to create battle royale games just like PUB-G. But failed to get success.

PUB-G’s was a Korean online multiplayer game which was developed by Korean gaming developers as well as they had a partnership with Chinese developers, Tencent Gamings. During the initial months of the pandemic, Indian Govt. decided to ban all the Chinese applications. Due to which PUB-G was on the top of the list of “to be banned applications”. 

27% of the PUB-G users all around the world were Indians. Indian youth was exceptionally addicted to this game. And finally, our Govt. decided to ban the game. The first reason was that they had a partnership with Chinese gaming developers. And the second reason was the negative effects on the youth of our Nation.

Keeping all these things in mind, Akshay Kumar and Vishal Gonal decided to create an online multiplayer game FAU-G which is not a battle royale game. 

FAU-G is quite similar yet so different from PUB-G. PUB-G was just an addiction or a passion for every user. Whereas, a game should also make us learn some values. PUB-G had locations outside Indian Boundaries like Pochinki, Georgopol, Military Island, etc. Meanwhile, FAU-G will have all the Indian locations such as Galwan Valleys. 

The avatars of all the players will be as the Indian Army Force. The founder Vishal Gondal affirmed in an interview that just like its name, Fearless and United- Guards, the game will enlighten the users about the sacrifices of Indian Soldiers.

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