Famous Street Food In Chandni Chowk That You Must Try

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Those narrow streets of Chandni Chowk call for everyone’s attention. What can be more satisfying than the historic scenes combined with the aroma of typical Indian Delhi-style street food? The crowd, the authentic taste, the culture and much more, you can get all of this just at one of the most famous places of Delhi, “Chandni Chowk”. If you love to roam holding hand in hands with your loved one, in that case, Chandni Chowk can be one of the Best Ideas for a Romantic Date in Delhi.

Let’s have a look at a few of the streets food that you need to try when you visit Chandni Chowk:

Dahi Bhalla At Natraj

Either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, everyone loves to eat chaat. Whenever we visit a chaat corner our mouth starts watering. And most of us drool over a plate full of Dhahi Bhalla. Natraj is a small cornered shop established in 1940 with a big fan following. When you pass by this shop, you can smell the authentic aroma of pure Ghee that insists you to stop and have at least a plate of Dahi Bhalla. Another famous dish in this place is Aloo Tikki. 

Kachori At Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

Established in 1971, this small counter of super delicious Kachori on the street of Nayi Sadak in Chandni chowk serves various types of kachori. These lip-smacking kachoris fill up your tummy without creating a hole in your pocket. The bowl is filled with Kachori and Aloo ki Sabzi, topped with some freshly chopped coriander and green chillies. Just wow!

Cheese Omelette At Khan Omelette

Craving for some cheesy omelette lately? Then this is a must try stall for you. Khan Omelette Corner serves the best Cheese Omelette. This place is heaven for the egg lovers. They have various kinds of egg dishes for all types of foodies, either a cheese lover or a health-conscious one. The way they make numerous dishes just with egg is mind-boggling.

Jalebi At Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Jalebis! The swirly fried batter dipped in sugar syrup, actually, not only sugar but dipped in love potion as well. Who can resist having ‘Garam-Garam Jalebi’? Certainly, no one. This jalebi shop was established in 1884. They are famous for making jalebis especially in desi ghee and dipping it in khandsari sugar syrup that is made up of raw and unprocessed sugar.

Rabri Falooda At Giani’s

Established 50 years ago, Giani has been serving the best Rabri Falooda. They have now become a multi-store ice cream chain. They started from selling just rabri falooda, but now they are selling numerous ice-cream flavours. In addition to ice-creams, they made various dessert recipes as well.

Aloo Tikki At Padam Chaat Corner

This small chaat corner is set up on the corner of Barf Wali Gali that is operated by Panditji. He sits at the slope of the chaat corner along with the masala containers and other ingredients. At Padam Chaat Corner you will get the most tempting aloo tikki of all the times served in a traditional leaf-made bowl.

Chhole Kulche At Lotan Chole Wala

This street food spot was established in 1977 that serves the chhole kuchas as well as chhole bhatura. People love this spot for the authentic flavours and spices used in their best-selling chholas. Just to have a plate of chhole kulche, people visit this place early in the morning.

We hope that all this information will help you in guiding what to have when you visit Chandni chowk again. Do not forget to try them! 

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