BrightLocal – Everything You Need To Know In 2021

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In the current era of technology, one cannot ignore the impact of the internet on our society. Be it an individual or businesses, the internet has become the most powerful medium towards superiority.

Especially for the businesses, the internet is the key to reach the mass. Unlike traditional ways, the internet provides the privilege of establishing a unique relationship with the audience. However, businesses need to opt for a smart approach when expecting a decent outcome through the internet.

If website creation is the foundation of bringing your business on the web, the first thing you need is such an SEO tool that keeps a tab on every single movement that occurs on your website. A powerful SEO tool will take your business on a higher level by providing increased visibility to your website.

Remember. If you want to get customers, SEO tools are IMPORTANT!!

And when you think of SEO tool, think of Brightlocal.

BrightLocal is the most comprehensive SEO tool for your business that will help you compete effectively and focus on improvements in relevant areas. Basically, it is a gateway to the mass. Let’s get a detailed overview of ‘BrightLocal’.

What is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is exclusive and integrated SEO tool, that functions as your local citation platform. It comes with all the essential tools and features which are important to enhance the visibility of your business on the internet. It has the power to attract more and more customers.

With BrightLocal, you have the ability to boost your online visibility.

Trusted by numbers of digital agencies and marketers, BrightLocal offers first-class citation building and pocket-friendly aggregator submissions. This powerful software is the solution for automating your reputation management. It gives a circumstantial and detailed analysis of the performance of your business on the web by providing the local rankings.

Who is BrightLocal ideal for?

Well, for all those businesses who already exist on the web and those who are willing to acquire space on the web, BrightLocal is the key.

Especially, it is ideal for freelancers who look forward to offering management services and analyzing the businesses.

Be it multi-location business, a marketing agency, a digital marketer, a freelancer, an established brand and a brand that wants to be established, BRightLocal is ideal for all.

BrightLocal is for all of those who are willing to automate the process and save time.

Spying on a competitor is the cherry on the top.

Basically, if you own a company or if you have lots of sites to manage then you can use BrightLocal and pay for them.

How Does BrightLocal Work?

BrightLocal makes sure your business gets the utmost attention possible. It functions in such a manner that ends up providing a recognition your brand deserves. Technically, BrightLocal alerts you to add demographic information to your business. Once the demographic information is added, it helps you to make your website even stronger by providing options to install Google Analytics and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

At last, it makes sure to prepare a detailed report using all of the data that has been put. This report contains what needs to be done, all the local citations you have and the valuable suggestions to improve the online listings.

It turns up all the reports in one for your business.

Imagine handling thousands of reports at a time. Where each report has its own importance and necessity. This challenge is reduced by BrightLocal by enabling businesses to access the firsts thing first.

Perfect use of Local Search Audits

BrightLocal offers a summary panel that enables you to prioritize the areas of improvement. It also allows your clients to understand the help you are providing. In layman’s term, local search audits help the businesses for optimal results.

Reply to reviews

With the Reputation Manager, we have made your job easy to respond to the customers. Instead of interacting with customers through a different site, you can now reply to the customer review on the BrightLocal platform itself.

On the other hand, BrightLocal helps you to spot the fake reviews. Sometimes, spotting fake reviews can be difficult, however, as a business owner you must carry out the checks and analysis internally to differentiate between a fake and a genuine reviewer. BrightLocal is a friend in this case as it perfectly identifies and removes the spam content that lands up through the reviews.

BrightLocal’s Tools and Services 

Bright Local Dashboard

When you set up your business or your client’s business on BrightLocal, Dashboard is the location which gives you an overview of everything the business is coming across. In detail, it provides you with the quick information about what is going on with your links and website authority, google rankings, citations, reviews and ratings, google analytics and your social media accounts as well.

You have the options to customize your BrightLocal Dashboard at any point in time. You can also take actions according to your needs on the dashboard like downloading the overview or sharing it with your team.

Rank Checker

Rank Checker will be the first thing you want to look at when you want to know the standings of your business in the market.

BrightLocal is the best because of a reason. It provides accurate rankings to analyze the Google local listings. It gives all the information about each search platform(desktop, mobile) at one place and this makes it even more awesome.

With BrightLocal’s search ranking tool, you can set up to 100 keywords per location and customize them at any time.

Citation Summary

Local Citation is referred to any mention of your business on the web. A citation can be any combination of your company name, address, website address, contact number, zip or postal code.

Citations in SEO is one of the most significant factors to refine the local search results. Citation makes better use of search engines like Google, Bing and assists them to verify that your business makes the mark on the internet.

Building citations need your precious time and it is essential to invest the required time to build one for your own.


You can outsource the work to trust and reliable service provider and that is none other than BrightLocal.

With a feature that allows you to track citations, you can keep an eye on the errors we might miss out locating otherwise. All the sensitive information about the business (like contact details, contact persons etc.)  can be tracked with this tool.

Citation Builder

If you want to manage your business local listings on the go to save your valuable time, try BrightLocal’s citation builder. It ensures the customers find your business first and not the competitors. This tool is a master in taking care of your local directory listing management. With continuous updates in existing listings, citation builder helps your business to manage the harmful duplicate listings and work accordingly.

It also enables you to upload data through local data aggregators who push it out to the huge network of directories, applications, locations and so on.

Reputation Manager

The reputation is everything for any business, be it physical or online. Most of the customers tend to read reviews before they choose any business. Consumers trust what they read through the online reviews about your business and thus, you need to be really serious about it.

Understanding the time it takes to manage the reviews and comments the consumers give about your business, BrightLocal has come up with this amazing tool called ‘Reputation Manager’. This tool helps to manage and grow your reputation easily. By displaying all the ratings of reviews about your business in one place, it gives a quick and detailed overview to set the next move. Timely alerts and quick response feature makes it even more awesome.

This is something which gives you an opportunity to turn the negative reviews in positive and build the trust. Reputation Manager is a fully customizable tool that enables you to control your reputation online.

Google My Business

With BrightLocal, you can track your ‘Google My Business’ to uplift your local rankings in Google. BrightLocal comes with a special tool called ‘Google My Business Toll Audit’ which is undisputedly unmatched in the industry. It allows taking control of your business listing through various modules like audit GMB listings, GMB insights, GMB monitoring, local optimization audit and competitor comparisons.

In this tool, you can take a look at all key ranking alerts under one roof. It also helps you to prioritize your ‘to-do-list’ to enhance your ranking. When it comes to tracking important online reputation metrics, GMB audits by Brightlocal is the answer as it smartly collects data on the most significant data on GMB signals.

Nevertheless, it comes up with multiple ways to help your business to prioritize tasks to boost your search rankings. It also gives an option to view and inspect important categories and citations alongside various links and DA. If the citations have a gap in between, this feature takes care of it by plugging the gaps as it wisely investigates your citations alongside your competitors.

With an advanced GMB insights integrations, this feature provides reports that showcase 18 months of GMB insights data which includes the types of customers find you on the web, GMB reviews and many more. It does not stop here. It makes well-informed decisions depending on the wider pool of the data.

Local Search Audit

The local search audit precisely consists of a report that provides all the key data points, detailed appendix and various modules. This feature is truly loved by agencies and local marketers all over the world.

Local search audits functions in a great way. It first analyzes multiple SEO factors and the take once single report out to help your business grow faster.

Some of the key factors our Local Search Audit inspects are as follows:

  1. Links and Authority
  2. Search Rankings
  3. Local Listings
  4. Reviews and Ratings
  5. Google My Business
  6. Social Channels

The best part of this feature is this is a time-saving process. Sometimes, delivering the correct and comprehensive SEO audit can really be time-consuming, however, with some great build-in features BrightLocal’s Local Search Audit tool helps you to cut down the time it takes to break down and analyze the current SEO situations and achieve accurate and actionable data.

This is great to guide you to win over clients and build the exact strategy for every client.

Google Analytics

To study the local businesses, Google analytics came into the picture.

Google analytics is freely admitted tool in the world which helps you analyze the performance of your business irrespective of the size of your website.

Google analytics helps the users to track the visitors on the relevant website and manage the traffic across various online channels over a period of time.

In a more descriptive manner, the given points are some of the key findings of Google Analytics:

  1. The study conducted by Google Analytics for local businesses inspects faceless google analytics data from more than 11,000 websites to help local businesses to set the milestones.
  2. On average, local businesses attract 414 monthly users and 506 sessions on their respective websites.
  3. Study reveals that an average of 2.17 pages per session is received by the websites of local businesses while on mobiles, it is 1.88 pages per session.
  4. 50% of the total traffic on the local business’s website is generated by organic sources whereas 37% of traffic comes from direct sources. The incorrect tracking set up affects the local businesses in many ways and Google Analytics is the answer to avoid this.
  5. A report says that 54% of the business websites don’t have a proper set up in Google Analytics and the business’s which have set up their goals on Google Analytics do better when it comes to tracking the interactions with the customers.


Unlike the traditional set up of individual SEO’s, social media managers, website design and development teams and analytics team, BrightLocal’s Social Media tool works with a new philosophy.

With constantly changing digital marketing strategies, BrightLocal offers everything in one picture. Be it your design and development team or be it your social media team, you can combine their work to produce a profitable income.

As BrightLocal contains a great set of goals through local SEO and social media, your business gets everything in one package.

Agency Leads

BrightLocal’s one of the best tools for the lead generation is Agency Lead Generator. It is user-friendly and easy to implement the tool. Basically, this helps your business to generate leads and converting potential customers into the actual customers.

The functionality of this amazing widget is simple and to understand better, we have pointed out some of the key steps it follows to help local businesses.

  1. Once you install this tool on your website, it offers free local search audits.
  2. You will have an option to choose the data in your free audits.
  3. You can wisely pick lead contact details with each audit that you download.
  4. Get timely notifications to take the actions quickly.

This tool is made is developed in a way to fit every aspect of your website which will provide you with an opportunity to manage the leads directly from BrightLocal’s platform. It is equipped with everything you will need to get a lead. Being an ‘all-in-one’ widget, you can view and contact all the leads through the same BrightLocal platform. The contact information for every lead is present here.

Also, you can read and update the lead status of your business through Agency Lead Generator.

BrightLocal Advantages

Basically, BrightLocal has a lion’s share in generating customers and conversions.
Since 2009, BrightLocal is helping multi-location businesses, local businesses and SEO experts to analyze and enhance their positions in the local search market.

The key advantages of BrightLocal are listed below:

Understanding your rankings in local markets

With brief information about organic, mobile and map rankings, BrightLocal helps you to track hundreds of keywords across multiple search engines.
It also helps you to understand your standings in the local market.

Managing the reputation

BrightLocal identifies every review and comments about your product on the web. It monitors and upgrade the reputation of your business by tracking and investigating your online reviews across 35+ sites.

Quick and effective citation every time, any time.

BrightLocal’s citation builder is a master in making you reach the consumers more and more. Be it BrightLocal’s manual citation team or an online aggregator submission, this widget will make sure to push your product to mobile apps, mapping services all over the globe.

BrightLocal Disadvantages

  1. BrightLocal is majorly focused on local SEO and this truly is it’s strength. However, you may see some SEO professionals and local marketers who wish to invest in some different SEO tools to function as supplements.
  2. Sometimes, the local pack rankings in Google My Business is off and this is a limited location specific tool.
  3. Live citations are missed sometimes. You need to always cross-check the results before taking any step.

BrightLocal Signup Process

1.The sign-up process for BrightLocal is easy and simple.

Firstly, you create your account with the basic information like your name, email id, your company name, your country and it also asks you to set up a password.

2.Secondly, it allows customizing your account with appropriate locations, types of business and so on. It also asks if you wish to link the social media accounts here.

3.Thirdly, once you are done setting your location preferences, it starts the job.

BrightLocal (ease of use)

Built-in such a way that every consumer will connect with the user-friendly nature of all the functions of BrightLocal, here are some key points which makes it easier to access.

  1. Everything is under one roof.
  2. Highly developed integration skills to avoid time-consuming traditional ways.
  3. Be a multi-location business or smaller one, the interface and experience is a joyous trip because of the flexible tracking techniques.

Alternate of Bright Local

Some major alternatives for the BrightLocal are as below:

  1. SEMrush
  2. BirdEye
  3. Moz Local
  4. SE Ranking
  5. com
  6. Yext
  7. ChatMeter
  8. GShift

BrightLocal Support

The support you get from BrightLocal is amazing. This seriously looks to be a customer-centric company.

You can leave a message with all of the details about you and your query online using their official webpage.


You can visit BrightLocal’s help centre and get support.

The support at BrightLocal is very too respond with correct and precise information for consumer queries and questions. BrightLocal’s support team also offers one-on-on personalized training modules that help marketers and local SEO professionals to achieve a beneficial reputation on the online platform.


BrightLocal provides excellent support with some of the market’s most advanced tools for marketing and managing the online infrastructure. Every application or widget is easy to install and access.

This is one of those applications which comes with effective instant constructive and well-structured responses with minimum wait time. The various multi-tasking widgets BrightLocal offers are developed to be the best optimizing and managing a local online business infrastructure.

With comprehensive client reporting, BrightLocal connects Google analytics and Google My Business insights directly to the client. Get the best results possible. The leading-edge SEO tools and support services, BrightLocal is top-notch is maintaining up-to-date information about the client’s online performance. A quick and talented support team makes it really easier for consumers to get help on the issues and questions they have.

Timely and automated ranking reports are localized specifically. They come up with a piece of valuable information that is necessary to win over businesses.

For sure, BrightLocal knows the value for your money.


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