8 Ways Of Taking Good Hair Care During Winters

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We all love our hair so much that our mood totally depends on the texture of our hair on a daily basis. If we have a good hair day, our mood will be super awesome as we can absolutely feel that cool breeze in our hair that makes most of us happy. Whereas on a bad hair day, we do not feel like touching our hair at all, and that makes us aggressive. Even the Dressing Styles Like Deepika Padukone does not help us to look gorgeous. Yes, Girls! We totally understand this. 

Winters are on its way, and we all know how difficult it is to take care of hair during such frosty seasons. Our skin, scalp and even our hair start getting dry and itchy. We come across many hair related problems mostly during this season such as hair loss, dry and frizzy hair, dullness, split ends and much more. And to find the solutions, we visit doctors and salons which make a huge hole in our pocket and cause more havoc to your hair because of the chemical treatments.

You need to stop this girls! Let’s stop harming our hair anymore!

If you are looking for some hair care tips for the upcoming winter season, then this article might be the right thing for you.

Let’s have a look at some easy and effective hair care tips that you can easily implement at home without excess usage of chemicals.

Push Down The Temperature While Having A Shower

Washing your hair with extremely hot water may wipe out moisture from your hair and cause damage and hair breakage. You can have a bath with deep water but use lukewarm water for washing your hair even in winters.

Do Not Go Out With Wet Hair

Wet hair gets so vulnerable that there are high chances of it being devastated because of pollution and sun rays. Dry hair also gets damaged because of these reasons, but the effect is less when hair is properly dried. Therefore, on the days when you wash your hair in winters, do not forget to dry your hair before leaving the house. You may heat-free dry your hair that makes it more silky and shiny. Or the best solution is to let your hair dry on its own.

Try To Avoid Heat Styling On A Regular Basis

We all know that heat-stylers make our hair look more beautiful, but the damage they cause is unbearable. Moreover, using such styling appliances diminishes the quality of our hair that already gets delicate during colder seasons. Heating your hair on a regular basis may cause split-ends and hair breakage making them dull and non-manageable. So, avoid using hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. Instead, you may use heat-free styling techniques.

Execute Deep-Conditioning Once A Week

The real issue during winters is moisturising your hair even on those busy and tiring days. Do you also feel lazy to condition your hair on cold freezy days? Do not worry! You need not to deep condition your hair too often or with every wash. To reduce the effect of heating stylers, chemical treatments, bad-effects of pollution, you have to condition your hair once a week but make sure that you leave the conditioner applied for at least 10 to 15 minutes. 

Oil Your Hair Often

When destruction is being caused to your hair because of winters, you need to restore the moisture with the help of the oil treatment. Apply nourishing oils at the scalp, mid-length and also at the tips of your hair so that can have smooth hair throughout the length. Heat up the oil a little. Massage it on your scalp softly with the help of your fingertips. Do not forget to apply on the hair ends as well. This will work as a helping hand to have lustrous and manageable hair.

Apply Hair Mask At Least Once A Week

Most of us apply a weekly face mask to get healthy and glowy skin. Similarly, hair masks work as the nourishing agent for healthy hair. An effective hair mask reverses the worst effects of the heating and chemical treatments. They are quick and easy to use. You need not invest long hours in, just 5 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of application of the mask on your hair. You can either buy a hair mask from outside, or you can make them at home. Making hair masks at home is more recommendable as they are chemical-free and wholesome. Check out Homemade Hair Care Masks.

Use A Dry Shampoo

Does your scalp often get oily during winters? The day after the hair wash day, our scalp starts becoming oily, and that’s the reason we need to wash our hair too often, which may degrade the quality of our hair. To avoid such unwanted oiliness, use Dry shampoos. Apply a small amount of dry shampoo on the roots and boom! Your hair will revive and will become bouncy and shiny again. Moreover, you can even make dry shampoo at home. Here is how to make DIY Dry Shampoos at homes.

Avoid Frequent Hair Wash Day

If you are a person who washes hair on a daily basis, you need to stop now. Washing your hair too often may rip away all the natural oils from your hair that keeps your hair healthy and protected. Extend the time intervals between your hair wash days as much as possible. Give at least a gap of 2 to 3 days between after every wash.

So girls! You need not worry this winter, just follow these simple and potent hair care tips and your hair will be barnstorming and glossy.

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