8 Tips To Improve Phone’s Battery Life

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Many users run into issues related to the battery life of Smartphones. Smartphones include all types of iPhones and other Android phones from brands such as Samsung, Realme, etc. 

A very common problem while using a smartphone is the damaged battery. And the idea of changing the battery terrifies the users. Moreover, it can be very expensive to replace the original battery. There can be many consequences of changing it. 

The only way to abstain from these situations is by taking good care of your Phone’s Battery from the very first day you buy the phone. 

In this article, we will be discussing a few ways in which you can improve your battery lifespan.

Avoid Not To Keep Your Smartphone In Extreme Heat Or Cold.

If you keep your phone in extreme hot or cold climates, your phone’s battery lifespan shortens. There come a few situations when people leave their smartphones in the car which affects the battery of the phone. Similarly, when it is freezing cold outside, try to keep it in your pocket or bag so that it can be refrained from the freezing cold climate.

Avoid The Fast Charging

Charging your smartphone in a quick and instant manner creates pressure on the phone’s battery. Moreover, the slower you charge your phone, the better the life of the battery gets. People fear from charging their phone overnight. Instead you should do it. 

You can slow down the charging rate in various manners such as charging it from the laptop or portable charger.

Avoid The Battery To Reach 0% Or Fully 100%

Always try to desist the battery to be drained to 0% level and also to reach 100% level. New smartphone’s battery works in a different manner. It easily gets affected when the battery drains to 0% or reaches 100%. Phone’s battery works for a long period of time if you charge it instantly when it drains to 20%. Also, remove the phone from the charging plug when it reaches 90%. You can keep it at 50%, that’s a moderate amount.

Short charging sessions will probably help to keep the phone lifespan healthy. So if you keep charging your phone at various intervals of time, you are doing it right. 

Reduce The Screen Brightness

Smartphone’s brightness of the screen uses the most of the battery. Reducing the screen brightness will save the energy of the phone. Use Auto-brightness mode that would help to adjust the brightness according to the external brightness. When you will be in a dark place the brightness will automatically lower down and when you will be in the bright sunny area, your phone’s brightness will increase. In this way, the phone battery will be saved and you could comfortably manage it.

Reduce The Screen Auto-lock Time.

Some people leave their phone’s screen on even without using it. This might waste the battery/energy of the smartphone. Set the default time of the screen’s auto-lock to 1 or 2 minutes. This time is more than sufficient for the auto-lock mode. 

Choose A Dark Theme.

There are many benefits of applying a dark theme on your smartphone. Using a dark theme will automatically dim your screen brightness which automatically saves your smartphone’s battery. Another advantage of applying the dark theme could be the moderate size and colour of the font of your smartphone. Which will affect the battery life indirectly. Moreover, a dark theme sets your phone automatically on a power-saving mode.

Delete The Applications That Use Extra Battery

There are some applications that use the battery in the background of your smartphone. These applications use half of your battery. And this constant loss of battery might damage the lifespan of it. 

Moreover, the app that uses most of the battery could be the apps that you use frequently. So deleting those applications or reducing their usage might help you in saving the battery.

Keep Your Phone On Power Saving Mode 

Try to always keep your phone on Power Saving mode. Doing this will save your battery and will protect it from being heated to an extreme level. Putting your smartphone on the low-battery mode will increase the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

We hope that all these points/tips will help you in extending the battery life of your smartphone. Pay attention to these tips and you will see the results. If your phone is new, take care of your battery from the initial stage. And if you have used it for some months you can still start focusing on saving the battery.

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