8 Karva Chauth Special Surprises For Your Wife

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Karva Chauth is a traditional old-age festival that is considered to be the sign of a wife’s love for her husband. According to this custom, loyal and devoted wives fasts for the long and healthy life of the husbands. 

Though love needs no particular day to be expressed, on this special occasion when she is going to spend a whole day without food, make her feel worth it. 

Just a little romantic gesture will fill your better half with energy and love. First thing you can do for her is taking a day’s off from work. Being at home will give you enough time to prepare surprises for her. 

Let’s look at the ideas that you may consider while planning a perfect Karva Chauth for your life partner.

Buy Her Customized Gifts

Customized gifts give a personal and unique touch to the ordinary merchandise like a Mug, Frame, Cushions or Bottles. The pictures of you both will fill your wife with the essence of love. Decorated with her name or her pictures, the customized gifts will make this festival of love, Karva Chauth, a lifetime memory for both of you. You can order Personalized Gifts Online on

Decorate Your Room With Flowers, Balloons And Candles

After the whole tiring day, imagine how happy she will be when she will find the room decorated with balloons, candles and flower petals. Those romantic moments will bring you both closer. You can also make some small and lovely gestures like hiding chocolates in her cupboard; keeping rosebuds in her drawer and much more. These are the best ways of flattering your soulmate. 

Take Her To A Long Drive

Even on the normal days, most of us love to go for a long drive. Why don’t you try it? After spending a whole day full of rituals and tiredness, take her for a romantic long drive so that you both can spend some peaceful moments. Do not forget to play romantic songs while driving. Those opened windows and a cool breeze will tranquillize your soul.

Surprise Her With A Rose Bouquet

Roses have always been considered as a love token. When it comes to the expression of feelings, roses instantly strike our minds. Remember your first date when you proposed to her with roses? Revive that mystique again and spark the excitement once again. You may either buy them yourself or you can also Order Rose Bouquet Online On

Cook Dinner For Her

She is not going to eat the whole day for your longevity. Therefore, at the end of the day, after all the rituals, it is your responsibility to feed her well. Cook some delightful and authentic dishes for her that make her starve just at the first glaze. Moreover, you can light up candles while having dinner. A simple dinner will turn out to be a perfect dinner date. 

And in addition to this, a Chocolate Cake baked At Home by you can melt her heart. To make it even more romantic, you can also opt for the Red Velvet Cake as it has become a symbol nowadays.

Amaze Her With Hand-written Letter

It is not always about the money that you spend on buying gifts. Sometimes, the only thing that matters is the efforts that you put for delighting someone. This Karva Chauth, make sure that each thing that you want to tell her can reach her. Write down all your feelings on a piece of paper, let your love flow through your words. This gesture will make her feel gratifying.

Fill The Space In Her Wardrobe

Women love to dress up. All you can do is gifting her a beautiful dress and accessories matching the robe. You can opt for something trendy yet appealing, such as indo-western dresses. We would suggest you to go for a red colour in order to maintain the tradition of Karva Chauth in a modern way. You may choose a beautiful red Kurti as Styling The Kurtis is in trend. Moreover, it will be easy for her to carry it throughout the day. 

Pamper Her With A Massage session

She must be tired after such a long day full of rituals, and she might need some relaxation. When you have fulfilled her day with so much romance, then why not make her a bit more relaxing and soulful? Book a massage or spa session the next day for her or give her a massage yourself. 

All these ideas are directly connected to your feelings for her. The stronger your feelings are, the more you will put your efforts to make her content. All these small gestures add up and create a strong bond. Ensure that you keep everything romantic for the whole day. Have a Happy Karva Chauth!

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