6 Most Recommended Applications For Book Lovers

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“Books are man’s best friend”. We have heard this phrase many times, from childhood to young age to being a senior citizen. It does not matter how busy you are; if you are a true book lover, you will find time to read books or stay in touch with the updates regarding the books and authors. 

Time changed, technology changed, stories changed, languages changed, authors changed, but what remained the same is the love for the books. 

Nowadays, people do not get the time to read books in the same old traditional ways. So to make it a little easier for them, various applications have been released. 

In this article, you will get to know about the applications for books lovers that are highly recommended. 

Let’s have a look!

Amazon Kindle App

You can easily sync your e-books with the Kindle App. This application allows you to read the same book on different devices. This way, you can start reading on a device, and after a pause, you can continue to read it on any other device that you have synced. It makes the reading experience easier and convenient for book lovers who can not stay in one place.

Audible Audiobook Application

Audible application for android users delivers the most amazing audiobook experience ever. With this app, you will be able to browse, purchase and listen to the Audible’s incredible and rare selection of audiobooks, original audio shows, and much more.


Are you tired of your kids not reading books lately? This wonderful application for books is one of the best digital libraries for children of age 12 or below. It offers access to more than 40,000 world-class books, learning videos, reading quizzes and much more exclusively for kids. With Epic, you will get to know about the interest areas of your kids in a fun, safe and kid-friendly manner.


Blinkist is specially made for the ones who love to read but could not find time for it. This is the app that focuses on resolving the problem of not getting enough time to read. No no! It will not extend you 24 hours a day neither will it finish your work. But what it will do is that it summarizes thick nonfiction books. It makes a synopsis of the books that you can read easily in 15 minutes. In this way, you can focus on the core activities, yet you will get time to comprehend about the books that you’re obsessed with.


Scribd is the foremost and fast-growing subscription application for the book lovers. The subscribed members might read and listen to the best of the audiobooks, ebooks and magazines and much more, that too effortlessly and with comfort. The subscribers will get the services all around the day on the devices of your desire. 

Libby By OverDrive

Libby by OverDrive is an application that allows you to get connected to the libraries near you and get access to the numerous ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. In addition, you get all these services at a reasonable price. You just need to download the application, sign in and link your library card. It is that easy. 

We hope that this piece of information will help you in choosing the best application for you being a book lover. Go and install the application of your choice. Have a happy reading!

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