10 Stylish Looks For Men For The First Date

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Going on a date is still a wish for many boys. You are the lucky one if you got this opportunity. So, Where will you take the special one? Have you decided yet what to wear? Ohh, wait! What? You haven’t decided yet? No, no, do not worry! If you have not decided your look for the 1st date, we will help you. 

This article is all about the avatars that men can don. We will be providing you with 10 stylish looks for men for the first date. Choose among these and make her fall for you on the first date.

Let’s get started!

Plain Tee With Ripped Denim

Plain Tee With Ripped Denim

Simplicity never gets out of trend. Just a plain tee with little ripped denim jeans will make her go gaga. You can team up this avatar with sneakers of your choice, but the most suitable will be a pair of white sneakers. To make your look more casual, you can add up a nice black pair of shades and a wristwatch.

Striped Shirt With Shining Black Oxfords

A striped shirt can easily trap a girl’s heart. Wearing a striped shirt paired up with tailored fit pants and sleek black Oxfords (men’s formal shoes). Getting donned in this whole attire will stun her up. And you might get a big ‘yes’ from her. Team up this outfit with an elegant wristwatch.

Plain Tee With Checked Shirt

Are you looking for something trendy yet comfortable? Then here comes a perfect outfit style for you. You can put on a plain T-shirt of the colour of your choice, for more attractive results choose either white or black so that the colour of the shirt can brighten up. Wear a shirt and fold the sleeves. You can team up the whole look with boots which will work as icing on the cake.

Denim Jacket With White Sneakers

Denim jackets never go out of fashion. Pairing up denim jackets with plain tees make it look more inviting. In addition, donning this look with denim of your choice and white sneakers will add stars to your look. This whole look will make you look more relaxed and smart. She is definitely going to love his attire.

Floral-print shirts 

What would be more cool than a floral print shirt on a hot sunny day? Floral print shirts capture attention very quickly. Pairing up your floral shirt with denims or tailored fit trousers is all you need. You can team up this look with either funky sneakers or leathered oxfords. If you also want your girl to gaze at you continuously, you need to try this avatar.

Plain Black Shirts With Denim

“Vodka can’t do to her, what a black shirt can!”-Someone very intellectual. Yes! This is true that most of the girls find black shirts very attractive. Teaming up a plain black shirt with ripped denim will make you look alluring. You can carry sneakers or heavy boots with this attire along with a cool pair of sunglasses. Keep your look cool yet elegant.

Full Sleeves T-shirt With Checked Pants

Are you a type who loves to experiment with attires? Wearing tees with check pants is a fusion of both formal and informal clothing. Although check pants go with formal shirts, meanwhile this is something very trendy and a must to try. Pair the whole attire with shiny oxfords or cool sneakers. A bold wristwatch will work as icing on the cake. 

Denim Shirts with Black Bottoms

“Denim is a love that never fades”-Elio Fiorucci. Wearing denim is never outmoded. Denims are the best style of casual clothing. Pairing your black bottom with a denim shirt will be the best idea. Additionally, you can put on groovy sneakers or semi high cut boots,and both will look stunning. All these with a pair of shades and boom! You are ready for the date.

Ban-collared Shirt

Ban-collared shirts look more enticing than the regular ones. Do you want to stick to your regular shirt look yet a little change? Then wearing a ban-collared shirt will definitely help you out. You can don these shirts with the bottoms of your choice and you may also pair up the footwear according to the avatar that you desire or you feel comfortable in. Your girl will be impressed.

10. Polo T-shirt with Tailored-fit Trouser

Wearing a Polo T-shirt always allows you to be free and comfortable. You can carry this enjoyable look with a bit graceful twist. Try it with tailored fit trousers which will make you look more attractive and elegant. Finish up your look by wearing loafers and classy sunglasses. You and your special one will never forget the date.

Wearing trendy and admirable clothes does not make you as impressive as your courtesy can. So boys! So not forget to take all your etiquettes with you and be a gentleman. These things will add up on your looks. And she will be all yours. Go and try all these looks!

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